Android App Review: MightyText

Of course responding to text messages isn’t that difficult. But when your phone is over there and your tablet, desktop, or Chromebook is here, over there is really far and really inconvenient. Hence, my new love for MightyText (free | tablet or phone)

Here’s the basic premise: You’re lazy . . . er, can’t be inconvenienced by sending texts from your phone. You’d like to respond to texts from your desktop or tablet. Well, you can, and MightyText can do it.

The set up process is easy: download the app, connect a Google account, and you’re ready to text from your desktop or tablet via your phone.

I’m pretty sure MightText is selling our information, but so are Verizon and Google, so what’s one more. Kidding.

The MightyText site is your go-to command center for receiving, viewing, and responding to messages.

Clicking on a sender displays the texts. There’s even a Chrome extension and a Gmail extension, to make integration more useful. The Chrome extension also enables a desktop pop-up feature to display messages so you don’t have to run site.

The phone and tablet user interface is straightforward, simple, and well-designed.

MightyText Tablet and Smartphone

If you’ve ever sent a text message or typed an email, you’ll have no problem navigating the app or desktop site.

The app does a good job of solving a common problem, and I’m in love with MightyText. This app gets 5 of 5 stars.

Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor

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