What I’m Watching at Google I/O 2013

In about 6 hours from now, Google will officially open I/O 2013. This is a Google geek’s Mecca, where Google’s team of developers and honchos announce new products, consult on product development, and show just how cool Google really is. Google I/O isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s an incredibly boring CLE-like experience designed with Google’s myriad of developers in mind, not necessarily the general public.

I-O 2013


You can expect a lot of new announcements this year, including a new version of Jelly Bean, Android 4.3, and quite possibly the new Motorola XT1058, aka X Phone. This post from Wired has a good look at some of the things to expect.

I’ll also be live blogging the Google I/O keynote, which starts at 9 a.m (PST). Here’s the link to the page, which will be live minutes before the keynote begins. You can follow my posts on my Google+ page, or wait for them to appear on this site.

I’m going to try and catch as many of the live webcasts as I can, but of course I’m also working against some legal deadlines. Here are some of the events I w’m going to try and view:

May 15

12:45 (all time Pacific) – What’s New in Android Developer Tools

4:40 – Androids Do Daydream

May 16

5:20 – Fireside Chat with the Android Team

So, if you’re interested (or really bored) check out Google I/O 2013. Be sure to download the Google I/O 2013 app for a full list of the events.

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