Chrome is the best web browser. Period. I love that Chrome syncs across all of my devices, from desktop to mobile, but I love even more that the Chromium team pushes the envelope in browser development. This week, Google introduced Chrome Experiments, something vaguely discussed during Google I/O 2013, which presents users with a whole new browser experience. In fact, to highlight the Experiments potential, the folks at Google also produced two rather fun games: Roll It and Racer. To give everyone an idea of what Roll It and Racer are, Google also produced some videos: As you see, Roll It brings the old skeetball game to your desktop and mobile device. The browser game, like its real-life predecessor, is frustratingly difficult, and gives you various levels to test your skills.

ROLL IT  A Chrome Experiment

Racer brings in the feel of an old slot car racer, and requires some additional “guts and glory” to survive. Unfortunately, I could only get Racer to work on my HTC Droid DNA, which killed the “friends” aspect of the game. I’m going to wait until later to try and run “friends mode” when fewer neighbors and kids are slowing down the internet.

Be very careful when you’re playing Roll It, since you have a very good possibility that you’ll throw your phone or tablet at your computer. I found the best way to hold a phone was to set the throw angle with my thumb and then continue to press the screen as a wound back and forward to release the ball. Even then, I dropped the phone a couple of times in horrid shock.

Now, I just need to hook up my Chromebook to the television for big screen skeetball action.

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