One of the greatest mobile device accessories in my arsenal is my Anker ASTRO external battery. Well, that was until I tested the 10,000 mAh RAVPower Dynamo On-the-Go USB Power Bank. This power-popping pack is the perfect travel companion for a quick charge.

Sure, while Anker will get you by, RAVPower‘s Power Bank is powerful enough to charge two devices at once, quickly.

The Dynamo On-the-Go is compact, about the size of a less adequate BlackBerry.


The power pack comes with 2 micro-USB cables, an outlet connection, a travel bag, and the external battery.

The Dynamo charges surprisingly fast. Mine went from about 1/4 full to fully charged in about 1 hour using the wall charger connection. You can also charge the Dynamo using USB, if that’s all you have available.

I’m not sure how long the charge will last, but I was able to charge 3 different devices and only drained the battery 1 unit. I’m also impressed by the charging speed, which seemed to charge my Droid DNA as fast as an outlet.

The RAVPower Dynamo is easy to use and takes a matter of seconds to set up. One of the biggest disadvantages to the device is the black shell, which is basically a magnet for smudges, smears, and prints. I constantly needed to clean the cover. This is somewhat frustrating, but certainly not enough to justify not getting the device.

RAVPower offers a number of different devices and accessories ranging in price from $20-$40. The 10,000 mAh version I tested is priced at $37.99 on Amazon. This is roughly the same price as other external batteries.

If you’re a heavy traveler and find yourself shooting for an outlet, you’re going to love an external battery. I wished I had a way to charge my phone when I was touring Washington DC in April, since I missed out on a number of pictures because of a dead battery. Also, don’t forget that this isn’t just for phones, but any mobile device, including tablets. If the device can charge via USB, Dynamo can do it.

Overall, the RAVPower Dynamo On-the-Go Power Bank gets 5 of 5 stars.

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