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Remember during law school when you got free access to Westlaw and LexisNexis and during your internship or school employment your boss expected you to use that for finding cases you could do some pretty cool research? Yeah, I miss those days. I especially miss being able to grab a Shepard’s or KeyCite citation list and quickly view the good, bad, and ugly sides of my chosen cases. Then, along came the real practice of law, and unfortunately, because of costs, Westlaw and LexisNexis took a back seat to Google Scholar and Fastcase (or Casemaker). And, while Fastcase is good, it’s not a KeyCite.

Well, fortunately for users in states whose bar associations offer Fastcase access (or those who want to pay), we’re one step closer to the beauty of KeyCite with the introduction of Fastcase’s “Bad Law Bot.”

Essentially, as you can see from the video, Bad Law Bot is all about tracking and destroying the bad law. This is a feature sorely-missed from Westlaw or LexisNexis, which often caused me countless trips to the law library to verify my sources.

Bad Law Bot acts a lot like KeyCite (it’s missing the depth and additional resources) to give you a straight answer about the current status of the case.

Fastcase Bad Law Bot Results

Unfortunately, when you’ve found the case, the bot follows up with a list of bad cases.

Fastcase - Authority Check Report

Of course, as the disclaimer says, Bad Law Bot is not a citator, so you’ll still have to actually read the bad cases. The advantage though is that at least you know there’s negative treatment.

Bad Law Bot isn’t available for the Android app, yet.

Fastcase for Android

I expect that as the Bad Law Bot exit beta, we’ll see an Android app update. Also, if you’re searching on an Android tablet, and you have your tablet synced with your Fastcase account, it’s quite easy to run a Bad Law Bot search on your search results.

Bad Law Bot changes the way you’ll do legal research, and brings those of us who use Fastcase for legal research, closer to “the big boys.”

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