Admit it: quite often sometimes you’ve installed an app without fully examining the permissions. No shame, we’ve all been there. If someone tells you they always check, and you believe them, you probably also believe this guy did not have sexual relations with this girl.

I’m always curious about how public my private information is, so I was happy to discover Clueful (free).



Clueful boasts a really easy way to discover and separate the “good” apps from the “bad” ones on your Android phone or tablet.

The app works by scanning your installed apps, communicating with the cloud service (Bitdefender is the developer), and reports the issues.

Clueful Score

You’re given a simple “x” out of 100 score for privacy (you see mine’s fair), followed by a list of the high, moderate, and low risk apps installed on your phone or tablet. The riskier the app, the less privacy you should expect.

Riskiest Apps

Don’t be fooled though, just because an app’s risky, doesn’t necessarily mean the app will give away your passcodes, birthdates, or usernames.

Waze Clueful Analysis

Waze is a “risky” app because it sends your location over the internet. The Waze app sets off the privacy warning filters.

Clueful is a fun app to test quickly and discard even more quickly. The app works like it’s supposed to and gives you a full spectrum review. I’m discouraged that Clueful doesn’t consider social media apps a threat, but I guess social media is more entwined with our lives.

Overall, for its simplicity and abundance of information, Clueful gets 5 of 5 stars.

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