Twitter, in its attempts to limit or eliminate competing Twitter client services infinite wisdom will shut down popular Twitter client, TweetDeck for Android beginning May 7. The fact that TweetDeck is shutting down isn’t a surprise since Twitter acquired the TweetDeck service in May 2011. Most techno-pundits presumed Twitter would shut down the client to promote its inferior Twitter app. However, killing off one of the best Twitter clients to promote your own garbage, isn’t smart business.

So, if you’re a TweetDeck user, and who isn’t or wasn’t before this fiasco, it’s time to start looking for an alternative Twitter client app. Here are my top picks (which don’t include Twitter’s) so you can quickly replace your TweetDeck. Note: I encourage you to purchase the “pro” versions of each app so that you can remove advertising, add some extra features, and support great products.


Plume ($4.99) is my Twitter client of choice. I love the layout, ease of use, and contemporary design.

Plume for Android

Since I’m not a multi-platform poster (i.e. I use Twitter for Twitter, Facebook for Facebook, and LinkedIn for LinkedIn posts), I don’t need the glitz and glory some of the other clients bring.


I used Seemic ($2.99) quite regularly until my departure mid-2012. I can’t even remember the reason why I left, but it must have been a good one.

Seesmic for Android

The layout is great, and, just like every other Twitter app, enables you to easily post to Twitter. Seesmic also features cross-platform posting to Facebook, if that’s your thing.

Falcon Pro

Falcon Pro ($1.96) ran into some problems with its Twitter tokens (Twitter limits clients to 100,000 users), which resulted in a temporary price-hike to deter users.

Falcon Pro for Android

The developer appears to have fixed the token limit issue, since the price is now more reasonable.


TweetCaster ($4.99) is a great, though somewhat pricier, Twitter client. I like TweetCaster because it’s easy to add extra Twitter accounts (like that’s hard and necessary).

TweetCaster for Android

Other users will like that you can customize the app’s themes and the great “who to follow” feature.


I use the HootSuite extension for Chrome, but I can’t get into Hootsuite (free) for Android. My biggest issue is that I can login with my Google account on the Chrome extension, but I have to sign up for a Hootsuite account on Android. I want a more simple sign in method, especially since I don’t care about syncing Facebook. Needless to say, I don’t and haven’t used HootSuite, but I’ve heard some good things.

Well, there you have them. If you’re sad about the shutdown of TweetDeck, don’t be. There are some great alternatives

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LegalTypist · April 22, 2013 at 7:45 am

1 vote for Hootsuite here. I also use Plume from my tablet.

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