A new poll question is coming soon to the site, but first I wanted to revisit this one, just to show the results.

As you know, the ABA Journal has a poll asking whether respondents use apps in their law practice. The polls started with a large number of participants responding to either “What’s an app?” or “None.” I thought the initial results were astounding, with at 53%, and fewer than 500 participants. I thought for sure as a greater number of people responded, a larger majority would say they used at least 1 app.

However, we’re now 2 or 3 weeks into the poll, and the “none” and “what’s an app” crowd have only grown. As of today (April 16, 2013), 62% of the 1061 respondents don’t use any apps in their practice.

ABA Journal Apps Poll Final Results


Arguably, there’s some basic problems with the question, such as perhaps people don’t really understand the meaning of “app”, and whether the question is about desktop or mobile devices. However, I’m still shocked by the results.

I asked you readers if you believed the results, and a pretty equal share believe the poll results are correct or higher.

Apps Poll


Obviously you can see my choice, which lowers the amount. The readers actually predicted the end result: a higher percentage of non-apps users.

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