Google Play marked its one year anniversary this week. The Android Market became Google Play, when Google opted to expand its services from just Android apps. I think the move was great, the Play store works, and there’s future endeavors on the horizon. In a similar move, Google opted to purchase Motorola Mobility. Unfortunately, that $12.5 billion purchase hasn’t been successful. Google announced it will layoff 1,200 workers, which is about 10% of its workforce. That’s discouraging news from the formidable mobile device maker, but ultimately shows just how strong Samsung is. Where Motorola’s cutting back, Samsung is increasing its operations. What’s more, the Motorola X Phone might not excite you as much as first thought. Hopefully, Google can reign Motorola even more and create truly inspiring smartphones and tablets.

And now the rest of the news:

  • You may have noticed that the poll stayed up longer than normal. That’s because I’m enjoying seeing where everyone is on the mobile device ownership scale. Well, soon I’ll replace the poll with a poll based on this story. Apparently, a company/app designer called SmartAds wants to pay you $50 per month to allow mobile ads on your device’s lock screen. The question is, will you allow that?
  • Incidentally, here’s a look at the end results of the poll. This poll will still be available on the past polls page, when I get around to designing that.

Android Devices Poll

  • International Android fans are starting to see more Play Store availability of Google’s Nexus devices. Korea is the latest to see the Nexus 7.
  • Speaking of Nexus 7, here’s a good how-to on rooting the Nexus 7 “for full control.” I normally do not root any of my devices until the warranty expires (usually 90 days), just in case something terrible happens.
  • From the desk of Mr. Obvious comes this story about the “staggering amount of malware on Android.” Uh, thanks. That’s at least a 2 year-old problem. I suggest some security.
  • Are you sitting down? Seriously, sit down. ASUS’s AiO computer successfully, and elegantly, merged Android and Windows into a desktop computer. The company’s Taichi notebook already has me drooling, and this AiO just adds more salivation. At $1299+ for both devices, neither is going to be a quick decision. Though, if I chose one, I’d pick the AiO.
  • Phandroid has this look at the new Wipeout ($1.99) game from Activision, based on the popular television show. Of course, there are some glitches, but overall, I love this game. You can check out Phandroid’s hands-on video, too:

  • A new app called Hush, purports to be a way to have a “burner” number for your phone. The app is free, but the burner number will cost $0.99.
  • If you’re looking for a way to create your own Dropbox-like file storage system, without an IT army, check out this post from iPhone J.D., about Transporter.
  • I’m going to go into more detail in a post next week, but I’ll tease this just a little: I had a great conversation with Andrea Cannavina of LegalTypist. The gist of our discussion was Clio, but Andrea got me sold more and more on implementing her LegalTypist service into my law practice. I have an in-house assistant, but I can also use Andrea’s crew to automate some of the more mundane functions to accomplish twice as much. Plus, through Clio, the LegalTypist crew can tinker with some of my stuff and make good into great. I hope you’re taking a look at Clio and the vast number of ways it can help your legal practice. Now, if I could just convince Andrea to dump her Palm and drink the “Google-Aid” . . .
  • And finally, are you considering Google Glass? Well guys, you might not want your significant other viewing this video. Of course, maybe Mrs. The Droid Lawyer will actually be happy because I’m looking into her eyes, rather than at my phone.

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