Electronics aficionados from around the world gathered in Barcelona this week for the Mobile World Congress. The event is similar to Consumer Electronics Show here in the United States, but focused solely on mobile devices and technology. Here are some highlights of the products introduced at MWC that caught my attention:

Now, for some news that’s purely Android:

  • March 14 is the scheduled announcement date for the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you’re in New York on March 14, you might loiter in Times Square for the big presser.
  • Chrome for Android received a sweet, swift update from version pathetic to version 25. Chrome is only available for devices running Android 4.0+, so you’d better upgrade your OS and your device – perhaps an S4 when it launches?
  • In a sad sign that Google’s still lagging behind in developing a Samsung-beater device, CFO Patrick Pichette admits that even Google’s own current configuration of Motorola devices “aren’t wow[ing], by Google’s standards.”
  • Google may continue playing catch-up to Samsung, since Samsung shattered suspicions by announcing the Galaxy Note 8.0 phablet. This monster is both a tablet and phone. And I thought anything over 5 inches was too big. Please tell me Samsung is saying something satirical.
  • Code, apparently discovered in the YouTube app, suggests a pay-to-view subscription service model for YouTube.
  • I’m not sure why this post appeared on The Droid Guy site, because the author suggests a rather superfluous strategy for getting Microsoft Office “on” an iPad. Of course, I suspect the author wanted actual Office and not some app incarnation, otherwise, the method is just a haphazard hassle.
  • Finally, if you still haven’t rooted your phone, and you’re debating whether it’s a good/viable option, check out this video that explains the benefits:

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