NFC Phone TransferWhile most people think of NFC as a viable payment method, the product isn’t all about payments. I talked recently about my love for the hardware/software, and how I believe NFC will revolutionize the way we conduct business transactions and transfer information. I also told you about NFC Secure, which is a slick app for locking and unlocking your smartphone using NFC tags. If you visited my home or office, you’d find small NFC tags tucked in cupboards, near electronics, and even on my dog.

This post from TechHive highlights the fact that NFC doesn’t have to be all about payments.

Here’s what I thought were some of the coolest uses, and perhaps how lawyers could use them:

  • Poster with restaurant information – how about criminal lawyers using an NFC-enabled poster at the bail bondsman?
  • Changing to flight mode – what about a poster in front of the staunchest judge’s courtroom? “Tap this for silent, or go to jail. Then call me.”
  • Tag-a-bag – how about using NFC tags to label exhibit boxes and list their contents or go to a site?
  • Hotspot tag – I use this at home and my office to give clients access to my guest WiFi. A simple click gives the user the code and the password.
  • NFC Pen – What’s not to love about this? And, if I have to tell you uses for this, you’re beyond hope – think breadcrumbs around the city.
  • Portable Speaker – I love my Jawbone JAMBOX bluetooth speaker, and I have a tag on the bottom of the speaker that turns on Bluetooth and launches Pandora. How about using the same principle to connect your courtroom technology quickly and easily and launch different programs for use later?

NFC may have a ways to go before it’s a fashionable craze for conducting monetary transactions, but for lawyers determined to market their services, NFC has a lot to offer.

Jeff Taylor

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