About 2 years ago I saw one of these Belkin Mini Surge Protectors while catching a flight from Oklahoma City to Sacramento.


I thought this was a nifty little device then, but never really acted to purchase one. Then, Amazon recently sent me a gift certificate, and a discounted price, so I decided to buy one.

Overall, this is the perfect device for the frequent and all-too-often-in-the-hotel traveler. Since one of my pet-peeves is the lack of accessible outlets in most hotel rooms. This Belkin surge protector solves that issue.

The protector comes with three standard outlets and two USB outlets, which is perfect for plugging in a number of mobile devices.

I also love that the plug rotates 360 degrees, giving you the ability to connect and charge any-which-way.

Belkin Mini Surge Protector Mounted in Wall Outlet

The device fits well into carry-on (the only way to travel with electronics) or checked baggage, since it’s only 5 inches long.

The Belkin surge protector comes in two different units: a 1 amp/5 watt model and a newer, 2.1 amp/10 watt model. I opted to purchase the cheaper 1 amp model. The 1 amp model costs about $14 on Amazon, while the 2.1 amp model costs $30 on Amazon.

The Belkin mini surge protector is very useful, and certainly worth the price I paid, and you will too, even if it isn’t free. Plus, the next time you’re at the airport, someone might actually thank you for not taking up too many outlets, or sparing one of your own.

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