Mrs. The Droid Lawyer was talking with a friend today who was travelling to a location. The friend didn’t know where to go, and Mrs. The Droid Lawyer was trying to explain how to get around our small city to the location. Finally, Mrs. The Droid Lawyer said she’d text her friend the address.

Now, being the ever-patient Android guru, I waited as Mrs. The Droid Lawyer searched Google for the location’s website and scroll through its “Contact Us” page looking for the address, and then tried to copy and paste the information into a text message. Mrs. The Droid Lawyer gave up, and eventually asked me to give the friend directions. In my ever-humble way, I told Mrs. The Droid Lawyer’s friend I would do one better, and promptly sent the friend a text message with a link to the location with contact information and the address.

I thought Android’s “share” was a commonly-known feature, but apparently, at least one person didn’t know about it. Shamefully, that’s my wife. So, in case there are others in the world (doubtful) who haven’t heard of this Android feature, let me quickly explain.

Share is a built-in feature that allows users to send information to a variety of sources. I commonly use share to send screenshots from my Android phone or tablet to Dropbox, Bitcasa, or Google Drive for use later on this blog. Many times I’ll share articles I’ve read with my Google+, Facebook, or Twitter followers. Click Menu > Share > Select method to share from most apps.

In the case of Mrs. The Droid Lawyer’s friend, share came in handy when I was able to send the address I found in Google Maps via text. Here’s how:

Search for the address or name of the business you want to share.

Click on the name to pull up more information about the business.

At this point, most people would ask Google for directions or call the location. But, if you’re sharing the details with Mrs. The Droid Lawyer’s friend, now is the time to click the menu button and follow through with the steps above.

I selected Messages to share with the friend via text. Obviously, there are a number of other methods to share. When you select a text message, Android will copy and paste the relevant information into a hyperlink-filled text message to share with your friend.

Your friends now have all the information they need to get from point A to you, or somewhere else if you’re really trying to throw them off.

Note too, if you want someone to find you, just share your location from Maps (long press on the blinking blue triangle).

As always, depending on your phone’s manufacturer’s tweaks, your options may differ slightly. Just play around for a minute to get it right.

This post also demonstrates why I sometimes prefer to use apps, rather than my browser, to obtain information. Apps tend to have coordinated and specific abilities, while the browser has broader applications and uses. A browser’s not bad, but in the time Mrs. The Droid Lawyer searched for the location, I’d already found the address and shared it with her friend.

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