Today is a sad day in the tragic world of free Google products. The Google Reader team announced the “powering down” of the Google Reader service.

Reader is my hands-down favorite RSS aggregator, and now, or on July 1, 2013, the service will become extinct.

I have yet to pick an alternative, but some folks are recommending services like Feedly and NewsBlur (free to 64 feeds). Don’t be surprised though about slow server response times and unavailable sites, considering the entire world is panicking right now. Sam Glover at Lawyerist suggested Fever, so I might be trying that. I’m a little leery about “rolling my own feed,” or setting up my own server, regardless of how technical I am.

That said, I drank the juice and set up my own “feeder” on this site. We’ll see if I love it as much as Sam.

Jeff Taylor

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