How often do you check the Google Play or Amazon Appstore for Android homepages? Probably not too regularly, unless you’re searching for an app or add-on, right? I on the other hand check both pages quite regularly to keep updated on the hottest of the hot. Here’s what I found today on Google Play, tucked right next to Adele’s, Rolling In The Deep:

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Yes, please. Though I don’t drink, with my SodaStream I got for Christmas, I can make a combination of flavor-infused carbonated beverages. How couldn’t a mixology book help? And now the rest of the news:

  • If you’re exhausted by the on-going petty arguments in the iOS versus Android debate, check out this Mashable post.
  • Trying to decide between Dropbox, Bitcasa, or something else for your cloud storage just got more difficult with MediaFire’s new Android app. The MediaFire service matches your desktop to the cloud, and offers 50 GB of free space. Too early to tell if Dropbox is done.
  • This post on gives a pretty decent compare-contrast of moving from iOS to Android. I disagree with some of the disadvantages mentioned, including comments on the camera and mail. My HTC Droid DNA and Samsung Galaxy S III have fantastic cameras and produce quality pictures. While I agree that the native mail app is somewhat klunky, it gets the job done. Gmail app and K-9 Mail offer great alternatives.
  • Google’s CEO, Larry Page is in the news for his comments on Apple’s “thermonuclear assault” on Android. Apparently, Page asked Apple, “how well is that [thermonuclear war] working?” Page also took an opportunity to cut at Facebook for “doing a really bad job,” but we on Google+ already new that.
  • Business Insider has this feature on Apple’s and Google’s race to 1 billion users. I like the graphs included in the post:onebillion
  • Samsung is apparently working on its own fork of the Android OS, specifically targeted at enterprise (corporate) environments. Samsung hopes to counteract the fragmentation issue by fragmenting its own version. Seems counter-intuitive, especially considering the number 1 reason for fragmentation is manufacturer and carrier tweaking.
  • And file this Washington Post in the “You Wonder Why Everyone Hates the Government” folder: D.C. hit Google with a $300,000 tax lien because “there was a delay in applying payment to the account.”
  • Think security in your home, office, or on your mobile device isn’t a concern? Check out this story about how a virus crippled a U.S. power plant. Don’t forget this one on protecting your law firm’s trust account, or any account for that matter.
  • One of the best features of Android 4.1 is Google Now. While it’s not perfect, it’s quite good at getting the necessary information. Google Now offers a boarding pass card:

I guess I’m finally going to have to clean off my desk and fix that hole in my wall.

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