I’m sure the folks at Adonit were wondering when and if I would ever get a product review up on my site. They were nice enough to send an Adonit JotPro stylus ($24.98) for me to use and review. Here’s a short video highlighting the product:

The JotPro is sleek and well-designed. It’s roughly the size of my favorite writing utensils, Zebra F-301.

Adonit JotPro Stylus

I was slightly worried about breaking or damaging some of the smaller parts, especially the top plastic cap of the stylus.

Adonit JotPro Stylus with Top

However, the pieces come out easily, and you can quickly replace everything in normal condition.

Adonit JotPro Stylus Disassembled

Adonit makes a noise dampening version of this stylus ($29.99), but I haven’t noticed any problems, and Mrs. The Droid Lawyer even commented on how quiet the stylus was.

The stylus isn’t quite as precise as I would like, given that as a lefty, I tend to write in micro-scratch (the technical term). I can comfortably write on about 2 lines of “paper”, as opposed to a single line with a traditional pen. The increased size in my handwriting actually improved my penmanship. I also noticed that rather than writing in all caps, which is my normal note-taking method, I reverted back to traditional writing with actual uppercase letters starting the sentences.

I also tested the stylus on the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, which unfortunately failed miserably. This is primarily because of Samsung’s proprietary stylus included with the Galaxy Note 10.1. When the JotPro did work, the writing went well. I also preferred the comfort of the JotPro to the 10.1’s shrunken stylus. My colleague who loaned the tablet also agreed that the JotPro felt more natural than Samsung’s stylus.

If you’re looking for a great, high-functioning stylus to accompany your new tablet, the Adonit JotPro is a good choice. You’ll be happy with the product.

By the way, you can grab Quill right here.

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Brooks · January 25, 2013 at 5:22 am

I love my jot. I wish it had a pocket clip. I fixed that problem by using the clip from a mechanical pencil. They are removable and 5 minutes work with a pair of pliers and screwdriver and I had the clip transplanted on to the jot pro.

Also if the jot starts to skip pit a dab of electrical grease between the disk and the post it hooks on to.

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