Looking at my Calendar . . . Best Calendar Apps in Google Play

Android Central has this great post on some of the best calendar apps in Google Play.

Android Central Calendar Apps

I’m surprised that they left off Google Calendar (though they mention that sometimes “native” works fine), which is by far my favorite calendar app, even above the native Android calendar.

If I had to pick an alternative app from AC’s list, here’s how I’d run them down:

  1. Business Calendar
  2. CalenGoo
  3. Pocket Informant

So, what’s your favorite calendar app?

One Response to Looking at my Calendar . . . Best Calendar Apps in Google Play

  1. I like Business Calendar quite a lot. It does everything I think I need it to do, and it does it on both my phone and my tab with no hiccups.

    Of course, I might be partial to it because I spent a hard-earned $0.25 on it during the big Google Play celebration shindig a few months back.

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