Sheesh, I write a few posts (here, here, here, and here) on WiFi tethering via FoxFi app for Android, and suddenly I’m the new expert. That’s okay, I don’t mind the publicity or the questions.

In fact, here’s a recent query from a follower in California:

I am dismayed…I have FoxFi and have had it for a while on my Verizon Razr Maxx. I understand Verizon . . . cannot block tethering. I am grandfathered into the unlimited data plan . . . and I hear they have throttled that service. I was notified of a OS upgrade and it has blocked my tethering via FoxFi altogether. I attempted to reset my phone to factory defaults and go backwards in the OS but it restarted as the new OS and I remain blocked. Is there new information on the horizon that you have heard of? Or is this the new world? Money for nothing… (Chicks should be free then… according to the song) (link added)

To start, I haven’t heard anything about Verizon blocking tethering connections.

Secondly, I do know that for some reason (probably encouragement from cellular companies) Jelly Bean blocks the WiFi tethering connection. The reader doesn’t say what version of the Android OS he’s running, but I suspect Android 4.1. This could be an app issue or an OS issue. Here’s a snip from the FoxFi Google Play description:

FoxFi Statement


However, I have attempted to replicate the blocking issue on 3 separate phones to no success. On two devices running ICS, I set up a tethered connection without a problem. On my Samsung Galaxy S III, which is running Android 4.1, I received a notification to install a PdaNet+ add on.

PdaNet+ Notification for FoxFi

WiFi tethering worked fine after installing the PdaNet+ upgrade.

You’ll also notice that I’m running the full version ($6.97), which may improve my connectability.

FoxFi Full Version Screenshot Close-up

If the app still doesn’t work, I’d suggest totally uninstalling and reinstalling the app. You should also contact the developer or check out the help page. Note too, there is an option to tether your devices via Bluetooth (Activate Bluetooth DUN). I haven’t tried this method, so I can’t speak to its reliability.

As a last resort, you may have to try one of the other no root apps in the Google Play store.

If you’re on another cell platform (Sprint) or you can’t find the app in Google Play, you can grab the FoxFi install file here. You’ll have to sideload the app since it’s not showing up.

Once you have the app installed, setting up the tethering connection is easy: Click Activate WiFi Hotspot and connect your device. You can change your network name (mine is wifi buddy) and set a WPA2-PSK password (recommended).

 Update 04/13/13: I received an email from a reader notifying me that FoxFi’s developers have apparently fixed problems with Verizon’s blocking after upgrading to Android 4.1.x. Users should be able to access FoxFi and set up a WiFi connection after updating.

Update 07/18/13: there are a large number of people complaining about issues with FoxFi. The connections errors are likely carrier-based, which means I cannot do anything.

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Stephon Hampton · April 12, 2017 at 8:21 pm

I downloaded FoxFi to my LG Tribute 5 and it does not work at all so I uninstalled it then I’ll try to tether my Xbox One to my phone which worked just fine before I install the app now everytime I try to tether something it goes to the FoxFi which doesn’t work instead of the tribute 5 how do I remedy this situation I’ve already tried the administration a certification and nothing works

Dava L Myers · November 6, 2017 at 10:58 pm

I just downloaded both apps full version my bf uses all the time. I can’t get my t.v or ps3 to connect. It will pick it up then when I type in my password it says “A connection to the access point could not be established. Check the security settings for the wireless LAN.” What does this mean? I’ve always taken the password off and tried it that way.

Tracey Wilkinson · January 6, 2018 at 3:17 pm

Metropcs & a roku tv, worked at first with free version now has stopped. Will full paid version help anything?

Michelle · March 16, 2018 at 2:00 pm

I’ve been using foxfi the last 3 months and it worked great just a hour ago I tried to connect children tablets and it’s saying a sign in is required on the browserafter I’ve already put my password in and all that on the foxfi app.. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to sign in.

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