Recently I was cleaning out my Google Reader feeds and came across a post I flagged at WalkingOffice. If you don’t follow Rob or the WalkingOffice blog, you’re missing out on some good advice for handling a variety of law office related issues, not just those dealing with iPad. This post gives some great advice on using the iPad app, GoodReader, to sign pleadings.

I intended to blog about the process on Android, but alas, I forgot. So, until now, Rob’s post sat. Alone. Very lonely. In the “starred” folder, waiting for some Android love.

Hopefully, this video makes up for the neglect. Here I show you how to achieve the same result in two different ways.

Here are some links to the apps used in the video.

Adobe CreatePDF ($9.99)

ezPDF Reader ($3.99) or RepliGo PDF Reader ($2.99)

SignMyPad Pro ($19.99)

As a side, there are other apps that are less expensive (free) than the ones listed. They do not work as well.

If you have any more questions about the process, please let me know.

Note too, as I stated towards the end of the video, ezPDF Reader and RepliGo Reader do allow you to flatten pages, and the result is pretty good..

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