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Several readers have asked me how to root the Samsung Galaxy S III. Usually, I just respond with “Google, Root Samsung Galaxy S III,” and leave it for them to find. Today though, I’m going to give you the low-down (via someone else’s video) on how to root the Samsung Galaxy S III phone.

Rooting gives several advantages, including the ability to modify core elements of the Android OS and install custom ROMs. Most people want to root their devices to enable them to uninstall manufacturer or carrier specific bloatware.

The first video comes from XDA Developers, the user group for all things Android. The process covers the AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and international variants of the phone. For me (on an AT&T phone) the process took about 30 minutes, with a few hiccups. Of course, your process might take longer.

If you need additional support or information, I suggest you follow this link. I also suggest you put all of your files in a single folder on your desktop for easy access during the process. If that doesn’t work, here’s another video that may:

I have not tested this method on a device running Android 4.1. However, I used this method before the Android 4.1 update, so I know that it works. You can grab the files here. Note, there are two versions on ODIN, but you should only need one, and you’ll need a program to open the .RAR file.

If you’re running a Verizon phone, your task is slightly trickier because of Verizon’s locked bootloader. This process also assume’s you’ve updated your phone to Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean).

I’ve packaged all of the files for this here.

As always, rooting can damage your phone. This means you can turn your phone into an expensive paper weight. While I don’t expect that to happen, there are no warranties implied in any of these methods, neither by myself or by the video developers.

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