Fujitsu made an impact with the introduction of its ScanSnap brand of desktop scanners. While they’re not designed to handle extremely large scanning jobs, these scanners can handle a lot, and well.

Now, Fujitsu opened another market with its newest scanner, the ScanSnap iX500. You can find a great review of the product here.

I’m pretty sure the coolest feature of this device is the mobile scanning ability.

Fujitsu ScanSnap

You’ll be able to scan directly from the scanner to a mobile device using the ScanSnap Connect Application. Uh, yes please. I can see calling the office for that file, having an assistant scan and send to my device, all with the touch of a button. Of course, my assistant could just email me the file or upload to Dropbox, but why would that be cool?

The ScanSnap iX500 isn’t poorly priced either. You can grab one on Amazon for about $500, or order straight from Fujitsu for about the same price.

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