After nearly 4 years of owning various Android devices, I can’t say that I’m all too jealous of the iGuys anymore. Unfortunately though, I do have one point I’m still jealous of: gadgets. By gadgets, I mean accessories; and by accessories I’m talking speakers.

Wherever you go, there seems to be an abundance of speaker docks and systems that are iDevice compatible. One of the nice things about having a universal design is the ability to create universal products, like speaker docks. The numerous Android device manufacturers makes a single Android-compatible line of gadgets nearly impossible.

Search Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay, and you’re bound to find pages of non-Bluetooth iDevice speakers for sale, for cheap. However, since Bluetooth capable devices are barely making a spring, the cost and quality of the devices pretty well guarantees a deep pockets market, for now.

The solution, as I do at my home, has been to connect an Android device via a 3.5 mm cable to a set of speakers. I always hate this method because the line ties up the phone for other uses and makes answering the phone very difficult.

My newest solution though is to tether my phone/tablet and speakers via Bluetooth using a receiver.

I-WAVE Bluetooth Receiver


The device is great. The receiver fits a standard 30-pin plug and pairs beautifully with my tablet or phone. Now, I can carry my Android device away from the speaker (up to 10 meters/30 feet), and play music from my speakers. No more cords. All for roughly $15-$20.

Since iGadgets are plentiful, and usually you can find a gadget clearance sale somewhere, the receiver is a great way to add some cost savings and boost your high-quality audio.

I’ve been eyeing this Altec Lansing speaker system to replace my iHome speaker that died, so I might jump on the opportunity.

With this little hack, there really shouldn’t be any iOS envy.

Jeff Taylor

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