Every time someone speaks to me about Android, inevitably, the number 2 question (number 1 is always “is there a TrialPad app?”) is, “what’s the best app for Word documents?” Honestly, I wish someone would ask me about my favorite Android game, because then I could unequivocally tell them, Angry Birds Star Warsor is it Mini Motor Racing? I get so confused.

Regardless, my current favorite app for creating and editing MS Word documents is QuickOffice Suite Pro 6.5 ($14.99). Well, that was until I tried Smart Office 2 by Picsel.

Picsel Intro Screen

At $9.99, this may be the cheapest document editor in Google Play, and is certainly a competitor in the “Office anywhere” category.

The app is decently-designed, though my biggest complaint is the significant amount of empty space on each menu screen.



In my opinion, the developer could combine many of the screens into a simple, single-menu format. But I don’t know developing, so that might be difficult.

Regardless, the design doesn’t distract from the overall usability of the app. Much like other document editors, Smart Office 2 is easy to use, and can  handle Word processing, Excel spreadsheets (sorry, no pictures), and even PowerPoint.



There are comments in Google Play indicating people had trouble using the Excel features, but I wasn’t among those who couldn’t create a spreadsheet. I think the trick is to use the menu function, enable the keyboard and replace the default function with a formula.

Smart Office 2 has a great PowerPoint presentation function, which is certainly the feature I liked most. You can access the “presenter” through a direct menu screen, or using the menu button in a PowerPoint presentation.



I believe Smart Office 2’s is the best presentation app. I liked the display, controls, and features of the app.


The presentation function is similar to MS Office PowerPoint’s functions, and allows a delicate “touch to change” function, which is not distracting. The app also presents well on a projector or television.

Smart Office 2 has an amusing 3D setting, which allows you to view your document or presentation in 3D.


I tried to find the 3D glasses that came with our Coraline DVD, but that was futile. Alas, I wasn’t able to test the “coolness” of Getting Started with Smart Office in three dimensions. It probably would have sucked anyway, unless . . . Mrs. The Droid Lawyer wants to get me a new 3D television.

Smart Office 2 allows you to import from Dropbox or Google Docs, and has templates for easy document creation. I didn’t test an import feature to see whether you can add your own templates to the app, since I use Dropbox to integrate between multiple devices.

Some comments in Google Play also mention that this app is slow, which I presume is processing. I didn’t notice any significant slow downs, though I found some hesitation when loading some files. Any slowing wasn’t significant enough to cause me not to recommend this program. Also, if you’re trying to use this on a smartphone, don’t. I found this app almost unusable. There’s at least enough frustration involved to make you want to consider something else. Great for reviewing documents, not so great for creating documents on a smaller screen.

Overall, Smart Office is a great program that matches well with the other, higher-priced MS Office-wannabe apps. If you’re looking for a solution that is fairly less-costly, Smart Office is for you. I give this app 3.5 of 5 stars. I give the presentation function 5 of 5 stars. I’d give Mrs. The Droid Lawyer 10 of 5 stars for a new 3D tv.

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