Android NewspaperI hope that everyone had a great Christmas holiday, and you’re looking forward to a prosperous and prospective new 2013. Android saw many improvements in 2012 that made the OS into the premier mobile operating system. Here’s some news to look forward to this last week of 2012 and first week of 2013:

  • Press ($1.99) is getting a lot of press as a lovable solution for managing RSS feeds. It’s being praised as a clean and a well-designed app, probably worth checking out.
  • Google is taking heat for “censorship” practices in its music service. Apparently, Google’s scan feature for Google Music is searching for, and returning, clean versions of songs available in the database. While I’m not totally opposed to this practice, I do find it odd that vulgar versions aren’t being shown.
  • The classic game, Pitfall (Amazon) released on Android OS. Android Central has this great first look at the game.
  • The Guardian has this spot on the top 40 apps for the week. There’s some great apps on the list. You can also check out my post here on what to do with your new Android device.
  • Speaking of apps, here’s another review of some worthwhile apps to purchase. I’d say I agree with about 80% of the apps on the list.
  • Or you could check out this list from Mashable, of which I love Ingress and Snapseed. 2 of 5 isn’t bad, right?
  • One of the features I miss with Android 4.0+ is Adobe Flash. I’ve been experimenting with a couple methods to add Flash to my Android devices. Here’s one method that seems to work well, for now.
  • Instagram’s seeing some backlash for its changes to the terms of service by way of a class action lawsuit filed in . . . yep, you guessed it, San Francisco. These petty class actions are getting almost as droll as the patent lawsuits. I guess the one good thing that will come from this, beside my check for $.33, is that I have a new class action Complaint form to copy.
  • If you’re looking for ways to transfer music to/from your Android device, check out this helpful post. Me, I just prefer to upload the files to Amazon or Google Music and stream.
  • Hyundai is making news with its announcement of NFC (near-field communication) integration into its 2015 model cars.
  • Christmas 2012 saw the activation of 17 million iOS and Android devices, with Christmas Day tablet activations edging out smartphones barely.
  • And finally, since we’re going off the fiscal cliff, I thought I’d add some humor to you holiday weekend. I just can’t get enough of the Fruit Ninja, especially the end:

P.S., you may need to actually play the Fruit Ninja game (Amazon) to understand this humor.

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