In re: Technolawyer and Tablets in the Legal Industry

Last week, Technolawyer ran this NewsWire article highlighting the future of tablets in the legal profession. While it’s good, and I generally agree with the principles states, I couldn’t let Technolawyer NewsWire off the hook for forgetting, or worse, excluding, Android from consideration.

So, like every good Android fanatic, I created my rebuttal, which appeared here.

Now my premise is simple:

First, lawyers don’t buy tablets to replace their desktop or laptop computers; and second, lawyers will spend less time using attorney specific apps than general apps.

I think too many lawyers dismiss Android simply because there aren’t “enough” apps for lawyers, but that’s not the case. We’ll keep on waging the Android war. Regardless of what OS Neil or I profess to love, we’re both in agreement that tablets are the future of the legal profession, and using one is better than not!

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