With the announcement of the Nexus 10 tablet, Google also showcases its upgraded Android 4.2 operating system.

Many people will think, “so what,” when it comes to the newest OS, especially if you’re already running Android 4.1. You can see the rundown of key features here, but these are two of my favorites (quoting the Slashgear post for descriptions):

Multiple-user logins – you’re able to have the basics, first: those being your own backgrounds, homescreens, and widgets. You’ll also have your own apps, games, and individual high scores, too! This feature does not require you to shut the device off – only that you go back to your lockscreen: simple!

Wireless Display – Android 4.2 adds wireless display to your device . . . You’ll need a wireless display adapter to your HDMI-enabled TV, but once you do – instant mirroring! This feature also works with another tiny item calls Daydream – this effectively being a screen saver that shows photo albums, news from Google Currents, or weather.

So, Android 4.2 isn’t going to be a vast divergence from Android 4.1, but it will add some slick features that will make the upgrade worthwhile. Now the only question is, will Asus send the 4.2 upgrade to my tablet?

Photo: Slashgear

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