There are a million (okay, maybe not a million, but at least 1,000) different Twitter clients. Some are more robust, like Tweetdeck (free), while some are limited, like the Twitter app (free).

Until yesterday, I stuck with my favorite, Seesmic, more for sentimental consistency than anything. Yesterday though, I discovered the updated Plume (free) app. Honestly, up front there’s not much difference between Plume and other clients, except I like how clean Plume looks.

As I said, a Twitter client is a Twitter client, but I really like the look and feel, especially the tablet-optimized version.

It’s pretty easy to organize columns and display only the timeline, mentions, or favorites you want, which is something I have a hard time doing with some Twitter apps.

So, if you’re not so enamored with your current Twitter client, you might check out Plume. It’s redesigned and geared for some hard action.

Jeff Taylor

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