Last year I wrote this post. This year I had a mental relapse and wrote this post. Essentially, I got blinded by a fancy, glittery item, that promised “quick results with no effort.” Those posts all came before this one, and before I had a chance to fully use my Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, or covet my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S III running Android 4.0.

This survey found that Android users were more likely to exchange their Android device for an Apple product.


Though for me, although iOS is introducing its new iPhone and iPad, Android remains the better choice for me. Here’s why:

Removable battery

Although I remain miffed that my tablet’s batter is locked in place, I’m quite satisfied with the fact I can remove and swap my phone’s battery, if needed.

No strong iOS innovation

As I mentioned here and later here, Apple’s iOS 6 innovations we’re really that revolutionary, especially compared to the features already found in Android 4.0. While some of the apps and features look cool, Android has a similar number of companion apps that serve the same purpose. What’s more, Android still has the best mapping system in the world, Google Maps.

Similarly situated apps

Admittedly, Android is missing some of the stronger, and desirable apps tailored specifically for lawyers. One of my biggest laments in the posts above was the lack of attorney apps on Android. However, as I’ve discovered by using my tablet more for court, those apps aren’t the “meat and potatoes” of the daily use, and while they’re glittery and full of glamour, they’re like driving a Ferrari at 40 MPH. What’s more, more developers are seeing the need for Android placement, and will move that direction to capitalize on profit, or will offer online solutions that aren’t app-specific, to capture the intended audience. Still too, some apps, like Depose ($7.99), are Android only lawyer apps.


One thing I love is being able to customize my Android device to my particular flavor. I can grab and install a custom ROM, install a widget to present useful information, and fully integrate my device with my Google Account, which is important for me. Moreover, since Google’s roped in Android with 4.0 and 4.1, there’s less concern about fragmentation than before. Devices running both systems seems uniform in design and function. I also think that more manufacturers will see big trouble in “distinguishing” themselves from the Android platform.

The fact is, once you taste Ice Cream (Android 4.0) or a Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), you’ll never want an Apple. The sweetness that comes from owning an Android-based device is fantastic. For me, there’s no more iOS envy.


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