One of the easiest things to do on an Android tablet is to create and edit documents. When I speak of creating, I’m not talking about importing a file from Dropbox that you’ve already created. I’m talking about creating a document using an application and being able to go forward from there.

If I have to create a pleading, my two preferred apps are OfficeSuite Pro 6 and Google Drive (formerly Google Docs). Although I have some full-fledged reservations about using Google Drive for anything but the most basic documents (think publicly -filed pleadings), Drive is handy in a pinch.

OfficeSuite Pro 6 handles Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word document creation with charm.

Certainly, as I pointed out, drafting Word, Powerpoint or Excel documents is easier on a desktop, but if you have a keyboard, you can survive. Actually, you can perform quite well.

One of the great features that certainly isn’t unique to this program, is the ability to import files, if needed from various locations. This is especially important if you’re using Google Drive to create a document and you need to use the second method.

The second method for creating a document, which is more a conversion than creation, is to use Adobe CreatePDF and convert a Word document into a PDF file. One of the most common places I use this program is to enable clients to sign documents on my tablet. Of course, I also use this to file documents in federal court, since no original signature is required, and will use the same for our state’s electronic filing, when available.

CreatePDF is also great for sending out quick PDF documents to your clients. While it lacks any PDF editing capabilities, it’s handy for doing the small task of putting something together.

Creating and editing documents on Android isn’t difficult, and these two programs make it easy.

Jeff Taylor

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carol · May 29, 2014 at 4:52 pm

I’m not very computer savy, I just want to write a letter, save it and email it to someone , how do I do that

    Jeffrey Taylor · May 29, 2014 at 10:51 pm

    My favorite method is to use Google Docs. Or even better, just send the letter as the email.

Linda Carlson · July 6, 2014 at 9:04 pm

I am looking to purchase and use a tablet like a computer because of vision problems. I will be creating and editing documents. Any recommendations as to which tablets I should consider?

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