Close Reminder of the Dangers of Texting While Driving

Our family had a close reminder last night of the important of not doing anything in your vehicle to distract yourself from driving. My sister-in-law was injured, and thankfully not killed, when her car hit a semi-truck going interstate speeds. Initial reports are that she was checking her phone shortly before the accident.

Anyone who says they never do that is lying, or 100 years-old. We’ve all “glanced” at our phones and certainly had close calls. Heck, I had a “wake me up” incident recently too when I traveled 1/2 mile and barely remember the trip. All because I “glanced” to read a message.

I support any legislation to ban the act, but I also recognize that legislation won’t be effective unless we all show a little more self-control. Recognize that there’s no reason to check your phone while driving, and if you need to speak with someone, today’s unlimited talk plans provide opportunities without worrying about minutes.


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