Google Device Policy for Google Apps

If you have a Google Apps account (and if you don’t, why not?), then you have some pretty cool solutions for improving security on you phone or other mobile device.

One of the features I’m using is the Google Device Policy app. This app allows your Google Apps domain admin (probably you) to set security policies for your Android device that makes your Android device more secure for enterprise use. This app allows your IT administrator to enforce security policies and remotely wipe your device.

Once you set your policies, managing the rest is easy with the app. As you can see, the the My Devices page allows you to remotely reset your pin, ring your device for 5 minutes, lock the device, or wipe your device’s data. The location feature is dang good, since the site pinpointed my device to my home.

I’ve tried some of the other “locate my device apps,” but none of them give you this kind of usability with so little.

One of my biggest fears is losing a phone with confidential data. Here’s a quick, reliable, and affordable solution that integrates with your email service.


4 Responses to Google Device Policy for Google Apps

  1. Anyone know if you uninstall my companies device policy management, is there anything left behind?? For example, tracking my location on my iPad or iPhone

  2. If i have this on my own personal tablet what can happen to my tablet is everything going to be deleted one day or is it safe to have it on my tablet

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