My ESPN fantasy football league is activated, the members received their invites, and we’re ready to crown a new league champion. Since we have members all over the country, we usually just draft online. This year though, I might try a live draft using Google+ Hangouts.

But it’s not just the league draft, you also have to manage the weekly roster, especially when I’m sitting in church on Sunday and realize I have 1 hour before the first game.

That’s why I use the ESPN Fantasy Football 2012 (free) app. Well, honestly I used the other year’s versions, but you get the idea. Some players don’t like the ESPN interface, and prefer other sites like CBS or The app has consistently performed without a lot of the UI problems or force closes you find in other apps.

I’m also a member of an NFL league, operated by CBS Sports, so I use the CBS Sports Pro Football (free) app too. I’m not such a big fan of the set up of this app, but it gets the job done. Other versions have had some sketchy usability, often shutting down or never loading. This is my least favorite app, and I’ll opt for navigating the horrendous mobile site before opening this one.

With all of the CBS problems, I’m anxious to try the Fantasy Football 2012 (free) app. This is a new release, so I can’t give much information.

For Yahoo! Sports fans, you’ll want to try the Yahoo! Fantasy Football 2012 (free) app. I don’t use Yahoo!, so I’ll rely on comments to help you.

If you want some preseason action for your tablet, check out this app. I haven’t tested this app either, because at a cost of $20, I’m not sure I want to watch preseason games that much. Besides, with my Verizon Wireless plan, I can watch NFL games using the NFL Mobile app, and get snippets of the preseason action.

Finally, if you’re one of those uber-competitive players who constantly checks stats, performance reports, and every tidbit of information to gain an edge, you might want to add one of the Pro Football Weekly apps to your Android device.

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