Apple v. Samsung

Samsung, through its own actions, might actually lose its case against Apple. That’s at least according the news from Foss Patents. Apparently, Samsung is doing whatever it can to get on Judge Koh’s bad side. If you’re interested in the latest updates, I’d suggest following this Foss Patents keyword.

I’m particularly interested in this post, which discusses some of the ways Samsung allegedly copied Apple. It seems, if true, that Google actually warned Samsung that its product design closely resembled Apple’s iPad. I’m not exactly sure, but I could agree, if you stuck a gun to my head. What do you think?

The same argument was asserted against Samsung’s Galaxy S and older iPhones.

Finally, I can’t thinnk that any of the jurors are particularly interested in a long jury trial, unless you were once unemployed and unpaid, and you count your $50 per day stipend.

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