After Samsung, the Apple fanboys are going nuts about the “demise of Android,” and the “swift show of justice.” The truth is, Samsung (minimally) hurt Samsung for it’s infringing elements. I say minimally because most of the affected devices are sub-standard models, not even being marketed anymore. There’s “bigger and better” on the market now.

We just upgraded “the Mrs.’s” Samsung flip phone to the Samsung Galaxy S III (can you believe I let her have the new device upgrade?). This is Samsung’s new Android flagship phone. When I showed her the phone, I asked her whether she would ever believe that it’s an iPhone. Her emphatic comment was, “no.” Now, of course she knew that The Droid Lawyer would never allow an Apple device into our home, so she really never had a chance at comparing “Androids to Apples.”

The truth is, the Android OS is sufficiently different (aside from a few modifications) from the iOS, as not to infringe on Apple’s patents. Google’s statement (take that as you will) shows they are confident that Samsung’s designs were the problem, and not the Android OS.

I think the real trouble for Android, and thus Google, will be the significant number of iOS devices compared to Android devices in the United States. I think there’s a natural bias in favor of Apple among the US population, which only gets supported by the Samsung verdict. If and when Apple decides to match with Google, there’s going to be a fight.

As this CNN post shows, the Samsung verdict will sting for a bit, but like any good road-rash, will heal and scab quickly.

Photo: Android Authority

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