I finally finished, or should I say nearly finished, the response brief I’ve been working on. Aside from some minor use of a laptop to create a PDF, I created the entire brief using my Android tablet, sans bluetooth keyboard no less.

The thing I learned is that tablets are not for big projects. While they’re helpful in the courtroom, they lack the pizzazz of a deskto or laptop computer.

That said, the project went surprisingly well. I was able to read, highlight and annotate 5 depositions, 25 cases, and collaborate with my staff 1200 miles away. Is this ideal? Certainly not, but it beats a telephone call and miscommunication anyday.

We worked well using Dropbox, Google Drive, and my favorite PDF reader (look for a post on ezPDF versus RepliGo, soon).

There is a drawback to have the technological capabilities we have today: it’s difficult to separate the work and personal life, especially on vacation. The nice thing though, I could effectively collaborate with “the home office” 1200 miles away.

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