With the preliminary injunction issued, Samsung has filed it’s notice of appeal and motion to stay pending appeal. Yesterday, Judge Koh held a status conference, presumably to address the appeal issue and stay. I’m still waiting for information about the conference.

While I perused the docket sheet, I noticed this gem, which isn’t receiving as much coverage as the Galaxy Nexus injunction. From this stipulation, I glean that Apple’s going to look for an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy S III too. Look for more in the future.

If you’re interested in examining detail of the Android-Apple patent wars, check out Foss Patents, and especially this recent post.

Finally, if you want a great example of how your public statements can kick you in the ass later, check out this post. In Samsung’s bid to lift the Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction, Judge Koh found Samsung’s statement regarding the injunction as one very influential reason to keep the injunction in place. Apparently, Samsung commented in a Korean news article that “[the injunction] in the U.S. this will not deal a big blow to sales of tablet PC’s, since the successor model to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is already on the market.” Oops. Where’s the irreparable harm argument now? Plus, Apple already coughed up the $2 million to pay for damages.

I’m waiting to see whether Apple will pay $90 million for the Galaxy Nexus injunction.

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