RepliGo Reader Versus ezPDF: Battle of the Android PDF Editors

You’ve heard that I’m a huge fan of RepliGo Reader ($1.99). So far, it’s my go to PDF device. Occasionally though, I’ll get a reader who queries why I’m not touting the wonderful capabilities of ezPDF Reader ($2.99). Truthfully, the reason I haven’t is because it when RepliGo came, ezPDF didn’t exist. Now, with time on our side, it’s time to see which editor is the best.

I’m not going to spend much time rehashing RepliGo Reader’s capabilities, since you have this post to refer to. I will say though, there have been some improvements to the overall UI of the app, and some added features. You can take take a look at this video for RepliGo Reader 4.0:

ezPDF Reader adds one huge feature, and several smaller ones, that RepliGo Reader lacks. Namely, ezPDF Reader has tactile annotation – you can actually write your annotations. This feature is in addition to the app’s natural ability to type annotations.

Aside from that, many of the other features match those of RepliGo Reader. One of the other key features of ezPDF Reader is the ezPDF Reader Cloud Plugin (free), which honestly is pretty cool, since it allows you to sync and download documents from Google Drive (read this post for my experience with Google Drive).

So then, which is the “clear winner?” Well, unfortunately, I’m not going to bag either app, since to me, they’re both equal, and it really depends on what you need to get done. I still prefer RepliGo, since I believe it runs slightly faster than ezPDF Reader, I’m familiar with controls and functions, and I don’t hand write a lot of annotations, I prefer to type.

Regardless of which Android app you choose, I think all lawyers will benefit from PDF annotation and further development. Attorneys, especially those looking to be more mobile, will find these PDF readers will handle all of the tasks of Acrobat, for a fraction of the costs.

 Update 4/25/13: I’ve since declared a decisive winner: ezPDF Reader does some amazing things.

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