Admit it, you’re one of those people who are committing the great sin of email signature laziness. I know who you are because I get an email from you with the post-script, “Sent from my                                          phone.”

Having an email signature is not only important for marketing purposes, it’s also an essential element of professionalism. Unfortunately, too many of us are either too lazy or too dumb technologically deficient, to be able to change our bad habit. Don’t fret. It’s not too difficult, and here’s how:

I’ll be using the native Gmail app, though the process is virtually identical for other mail apps such as K9 Mail.

Open Gmail mail app and pull up Menu > More > Settings

Under account settings, pick the account you want to modify.

Under the account’s general settings screen, choose Signature.

At this point, you can type your signature information.

Note, and this was probably more helpful at the start, if you already have your signature somewhere (an email), copy the signature and paste it into the text box. Obviously a pre-printed signature will save you time.

After that, save your signature and have fun impressing your friends.

Jeff Taylor

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