Speed Up Your Typing with SwiftKey 3

One of the things I hate about the native Android keyboard is that it’s rather obtuse when it’s required to think. The native keyboard lacks reliable predictability features. Therefore, I hustle at the chance to shed away any traditional settings and grab the latest and greatest keyboard.

Right now, that keyboard is SwiftKey 3. You can grab the free version (don’t waste time), the paid version (yep), and even one for your tablet (get the paid app). If you hurry, you can grab the paid versions for phones and tablets for $1.99. That’s a smoking deal for a great application.

SwiftKey’s own video demonstrates just how cool the app is:

One of the best features of the app is the true predictability, and the app’s ability to learn from your usage. The app lets you fondle your social media, SMS, or Gmail accounts to learn your typing behaviors or particular phraseology.

I’m not sure how the app does it, or what information it’s gathering, but this is the kind of intelligence that makes good apps great.

There’s several themes to choose from, in addition to a variety of other settings.

An interesting, yet somewhat useless feature is the ability to view your usage stats, and generate a “heatmap” that shows your typing accuracy.

I’m not quite sure what information you garner from these statistics, other than it’s easy to miss on a mobile keyboard, and predictive typing is fun, but they’re cool to look at.

I have one big complaint about the update from SwiftKey X to what is now SwiftKey 3 (the “degrade” in numbers is an analysis for another time), and that is the fact that the app now lumps the punctuation together, which requires a long key press to bring it up. They’ve also, somewhat redundantly, provided two commas, rather than a single one. I suspect it’s for “typing efficiency” and to accommodate quick access to the microphone, but I think it’s rather excessive.

Quite simply, I miss my comma/period combination, and question mark/exclamation button. I suggested the change, but obviously, that hasn’t happened, yet.

I think you’ll love the SwiftKey 3 keyboard, above Android’s native one.

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