I’m a fan of the Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) system (except for this little reason or this one). I like that I can open, edit, create, manage, design…, well, you get the picture, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc, just like I do in Microsoft Office.

Now, to strengthen its mobile document platform, and Drive, Google acquired Quickoffice. Although I’m a Documents to Go fan, I will occasionally use Quickoffice. I hope that Google will finally create a good document editor that integrates well with its own Drive platform and Microsoft’s Office system to enable seemless editing of documents. Most likely, the biggest advantage is that Google will release Quickoffice for free as it does with all of its products.

My guess is though, most lawyers will still be dissatisfied with the Google Drive platform for some of the reasons I do: Document creation is “lack luster.” Simply put, Google lacks some of the more robust features found in MS Office, such as styles, fonts, and page editing. I especially miss being able to “examine” and remove metadata unless I make a copy of the document.

Jeff Taylor

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