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IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!! Tomorrow you’ll be able to download and install the Android version of Fastcase. Since most bar associations offer access, I’m rather annoyed that until now, Fastcase didn’t offer an Android app. Well, wait no more!

As of 8:45 EDT today, I’m authorized to show you the app I’ve played around with over the weekend. The Android version of Fastcase mobile carries all of the great features of the iOS version, and certainly is sleek and well-designed. I’m told that CEO Ed Walters is “meticulous,” and the release of the app was delayed because “he’s a perfectionist”, or something similar. Thank you, Ed. The app is terrific.

You’ll need to sign up for a free account to get started. Get your username, and log in.

Getting in is simple and straight-forward:

And maneuvering around is even easier. Search or browse state and federal caselaw:


The results are clear and easy-to-read. What’s more, when you find a case or statute you’d like to save, it’s easy with the tap of a button.

By adjusting your settings, you can also control font size, the number of results, storage space, among others. Fastcase for Android is top notch for any attorney’s mobile arsenal. It’s free and fully functional. In a pinch, you can grab the information you need and get your case moving.

You’re going to love some of the killer features like smart search technology from Fastcase’s fully-featured Web-based legal research platform, integrated citation analysis tools built in to the results list and seamless integration of Fastcase mobile and desktop accounts (more details here). Fastcase works great on phones and tablets, though I actually prefer the tablet to the phone for ease of use and reading. I think you’ll also find that the Fastcase database is as robust as the “big dogs” when it comes to grabbing cases or statutes.

Fastcase seeks to set the standard for mobile legal research, and their mobile app design will be something Lexis and Westlaw will have to work hard to match. We’re only halfway through 2012, and I can already tell you this will be a 2012 must have Android app for attorneys.

12 Responses to Get on the Case with Fastcase

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have used fastcase for years; it is provided for free by the Iowa State Bar Association. And while I do not expect that I will use it much on my mobile device, the fact that I can is great.

    • Mark,

      I think you found all the pennies in the jar: the fact that you can use it if you want is important. I love Fastcase, and while it lacks the citation capacities of Westlaw or Lexis, I can usually find the information I need or want.

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