Sometimes it’s nice to have weeks that fly by, at other times, it’s kind of a nuisance. This is one of those times that I can’t believe on Tuesday I felt drained, but by Friday, I’m wishing it wouldn’t end. The world of Android seems busy too:

  • The biggest news, at least to me, is the announcement and opening of Google Drive, Google’s Dropbox killer. If you read this post, you’ll know I’m not recommending Drive just yet, at least for attorneys. Unfettered and unending access to my files isn’t something I want to “s’plain” to the Bar Association. Remember that duty to protect client information?
  • Speaking of ethics, Sam Glover from the posted this discussion on the ethics of cloud computing. His “first and most importantly” suggestion is encryption. Read the post and obey.
  • Speaking of the, Sam Glover, and Google Drive, Sam also wrote this post on Google Drive. He’s liking the service (as I am), and isn’t as concerned about the terms of service as my “doomsday blog,” though he does note that “Google’s terms of service could use some clarity.” Yup, because right now, “All Your Files Are Belong to Us.” Needless to say, he’s waiting until Google makes the necessary revisions. By-the-way, I’m of the same opinion as Sam, I don’t believe Google wants unfettered and unending access to your files and materials so it can endlessly track you, I believe its TOS would be interpreted as service-oriented, but until that’s official, the Google TOS sounds a little North Korea-esque.
  • For a shorter opinion on the Google Drive controversy, check out Futurelawyer’s post, and the reasons he’s concerned too. You’re not wrong at all Rick.
  • Are you wondering why it’s taking so long to get that ICS update from your wireless carrier?  Well, according to senior Google engineer, Jean-Baptiste Queru, you should blame your wireless carrier. The post also notes this may be one reason why Google’s selling an unlocked Galaxy Nexus phone, “to give you a pure Google experience and access to the latest Android updates.”
  • May 3rd. That is apparently the scheduled OTA for the Android 4.0 upgrade from Verizon for the Motorola Droid Bionic and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Thunderbolt users, according to this post from Android Guys, you’re getting your update May 10. Razr, Rezound, and Razr Maxx users, your OTA update is ready. Go get ’em!
  • Once you get the ICS update, you can then go to this post and check out some of the benefits of Android 4.0. If you’re stuck in Android 2.x, just contemplate the possibilities.
  • If you’re considering an Android phone, you might check out this video for some of the comparisons. This will be a 6 part series, so be sure to check out the other great videos too. You’re also not going to convince me that the Galaxy Nexus (unlocked for $399) isn’t a sleeker-looking phone than the iPhone:

  • For you Blackberry users, if you’re interested in moving to Android OS, you might want to read this post from PCWorld. It’s also a good primer for anyone using Android for the first time.
  • Asus has another high-end tablet available, the Transformer Pad TF300. At nearly $379 for the 16GB tablet, this probably won’t break the bank. From this review, it’s pretty sweet.
  • Finally, here’s a report on MSNBC that highlights how big of a player Amazon is in Android with it’s Kindle Fire. Two words: fifty percent.

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