Smartphones are becoming a necessary part of operating a law practice. That’s an unfortunate byproduct of technological advances. Chances are, if you’re like me, you spend a lot of time on your phone, either checking email or taking and making phone calls. One problem I have is being able to track all of the time I spend on a phone call.

Enter CallTrack. This free and simple application tracks received, sent, and missed calls, then exports them to your phone’s calendar to sync with your Google Calendar. When you’re back in the office, you can quickly task the calls into your billing or practice management software.

This app works great for me, especially since I link my Google Apps account with Microsoft Outlook and my practice management program, PracticeMaster.

You can see how CallTrack inputs the start and finish times for you. When I get back to the office, I simply convert this conversation to a fee and set it in the client’s file. The hardest part is trying to remember the contents of the conversation. I save time by not having to scroll through each of my outbound calls to see who I called and when.

CallTrack is a quick and easy way to reclaim that lost telephone time and make sure that you’re taking full advantage of your digital tools. I think lawyers will love this Android application for its ease of use, minimal drain on cell phone resources, and efficient way of keeping track of your calls.

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Jeff Taylor

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