Well, if you’re seeking to be the most annoying smartphone user on the planet, here you go. This app, called Transparent Screen (free and paid – $1.95), promise to allow you to use your phone and avoid running into anything.

The concept is actually quite good, and truthfully, I love this app. This app uses your phone’s camera to transmit images of what’s ahead of you onto your screen. The app blends your traditional screen with the image from your camera.

Unfortunately, all of my screenshots from this app sucked. Since it was 35 degrees, and I was on my way to the courthouse, I wasn’t going to try and make it beautiful (you can see the full screenshots in the market). Take my word though, this is a cool app.

The major downfall of the app is that I usually use my phone at arm’s length, pointed to the ground. This method eliminates the usefulness of this app, and pretty much guarantees I’ll still run into light poles on the sidewalk. Additionally, it’s kind of hard to focus on the picture coming in, and the content on the screen. What would totally be cool though is if I had some sort of glasses with a heads-up display. Same concept, just more Terminator (or is it Top Gun?) like.

I think if you’re looking for an app to allow you to use your phone and walk, here it is. Self-centered, and “important” lawyers will want this Android application just to show others how important they are – “hey look, I’m arrogant, annoying, and rude, I’m using my phone while I walk around.”

I suggest the Pro version, since it’s only $2, removes the ads, and allows you to start and stop the app at startup or when your screen turns off.

Jeff Taylor

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