One of the biggest problems with my phone is that the battery starts draining after I unplug it. The battery drain is not so bad now that I purchased the expanded battery for my Droid Bionic, but for older or stock phones, you’re probably facing a battery life dilemma. Here’s some suggestions to conserve battery life:


  1. Adjust the brightness of your device. I use Locale to manage the brightness on my device, but I suggest you manually manipulate the brightness. To adjust your brightness: Settings > Display > Brightness
  2. Disable auto-sync. Auto-sync is the process Android uses to keep your phone up-to-date. However, auto sync also runs whenever your phone is turned on. Auto-sync can drain your battery (especially when it gets stuck), and also your data if you’re on a fixed plan. To disable auto-sync: Settings > Accounts & sync settings. Uncheck “Background data” and “Auto-sync”.
  3. Lose the Live Wallpapers. I love live wallpapers, especially the blissful and calming waves of grass. Live wallpapers take system resources to operate, and therefore, they drain your battery. I suggest using a fixed wallpaper from your gallery.
  4. Disable Connectivity. You’ll also want to consider disabling connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G or 4GLTE. Connectivity requires resources.
  5. Remove Widgets and Multitasking. Widgets, like everything else, require system resources, and system resources require a battery. Multitasking, or running a variety of programs at the same time, also requires resources. You can use task killer apps, such as Advanced Task Killer, to manage these programs.

Whatever you choose, it’s important to manage the resources of your Android device.

Jeff Taylor

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