Battle of the Patents

I can’t claim to know anything about the Apple v. Google, HTC & Motorola patent wars.

Heck, I barely understand why a patent as vague as a “Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for translating displayed content” gets approved. That seems to me like every computer, phone, or typewriter from the dawn of time (think the Ten Commandments ala Moses). I also can’t understand the small squabbles (which only amount to huge dollars for lawyers – when can I get some action) between the manufacturers about these vague patents.

However, I learned early on that when you’re throwing snowballs, you better be prepared for some to come back in your face.

That’s exactly what it looks like now that Google Motorola is doing in its newest patent suit against Apple (see this post for some of the specifics). The problem for Apple is that these patents, if enforced by the Florida court, will virtually shut down the iCloud service, and looks to hamper some of the physical aspects of the iPhone 4S (you think that’s why a new iPhone is in the works?).

From a legal standpoint, I think the patent wars rock. They’re like a playground fight gone bad. The geeky kid, Andy, got his feelings hurt because all the cute girls like George. So Andy tells the teacher that George is chewing gum, and George gets in trouble. But Andy forgets that George is king of the stoners, skaters, and bullies, so, payback’s the proverbial bitch.


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