Verizon has suffered a few data outages this month, including this one. Now, according to The Droid Guy via Droid-Life, Verizon will begin charging a $2 payment convenience fee.

This shows just how little Verizon really cares about its customers. In fact, they care so little about their customers that they’re going to charge you to use their own automated systems to pay. I love the My Verizon Android app, and pay all of my wireless bills through this app on my phone. Unfortunately, I can’t remove it (unless I root my device), so I’m stuck with an app I won’t use.

I suspect that the “support” they’re giving to these systems is the fact that their preferred methods of payment (ACH and AutoPay) give Verizon control over your banking information (yes, I realize My Verizon stores banking information), and provides the company with another method for collecting late fees (check by mail).

I think if you provide these methods to your customers, then you also saddle the cost burden that comes with them. It’s a cost of doing business.

Jeff Taylor

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