Okay, I’m going to venture off subject just a wee bit. Technically this post isn’t about Android, Android for Lawyers, or even Android apps. However, it’s about QR codes, which if you use an Android app, you can read. So, like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, I think I made a connection to Android in 2.

QR codes have been around awhile, we’ve always called them barcodes or UPC symbols. The great thing about the QR code is the amount of information you can store in a compact amount of space. We’re starting to see QR codes used everywhere: at the movie theater, in stores, at your grocer. If there’s a place to place a QR icon, someone will put it there.

The question is, do QR codes actually help improve your business marketing? I’d love to know your thoughts. I’ve used QR codes for a variety of things, I even had one placed on this site. I don’t know that any QR code has increased my business, rather the access I have to my business.

Free Enterprise blog has this post suggesting uses for QR codes. My favorite suggestion is to use them as promotions for sales or special discounts. I’m not a fan of sending someone to a website, but everyone loves to scan a code and get free stuff.

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