There's a post on the darkReading blog that introduced me to an Android app that claims to secure your SMS messages on your Android smartphone. The app, called ProtecText, claims to enable users to "send and receive text messages and be assured that the messages are encrypted both in transit and in storage on their phones, securing them from prying eyes." 

This could be a useful tool for lawyers using Android devices, since one of the biggest concerns is always the security of the transmission. While I think a lot of e-discovery and ethics rules would prevent some inadvertent use, you can never be too careful.

I downloaded the app to my phone, and I'm interested in testing out the capabilities. If you want to test it with me, send me an email to jeff[at] with your mobile number. I'll send you a SMS back to test the system. As always though, I'm cautiously optimistic about the actual results involved.

Jeff Taylor

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