I‘ll admit it. Recently, I’ve drooled over iOS, and the new iPad 2 and iPhone. I know, it’s all “smoke and mirrors,” but admittedly, there are some flaws in Android OS which iOS covers.

Since most of the applications I use are available on Android, it’s a no brainer that I still love my Android device. However, I got to play around with PenUltimate on the iPad 2, and thus far, nothing on any Android tablet compares.

Thus far, the closest we have (and it’s a distant 2nd) is PenSupremacy. Although this is nice, it still lacks the flashy smoothness of the iPad app, sigh.

My biggest complaint is that on my Viewsonic gTablet, it’s neither fast, smooth, or simple. Don’t get me wrong, I love the app, and highly recommend it. Admittedly, I haven’t tested it on any other device, so some of my biggest complaints might be because of my own device (please help me upgrade).

My 2nd envy comes with the number of lawyer-specific applications. This is one area where Android drags. Despite the recent abundance of apps, it seems that a lot of developers shoot for making games.  Games sell, so who could blame them? However, we don’t have a lot of developers making lawyer-specific applications. I know as time goes on we’ll have more, but I’m impatient, and love instant gratification.

Jeff Taylor

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